Paradiso Is Taking the Reins On Remembering

Paradiso issue #4 hits stores March 14.

As the city of Paradiso reveals just how conscious it is of the people occupying its walls, “Runaway Jack” Kryznan and his unexpected cast of accomplices are going on a journey to find something from Jack’s past. He can hardly remember what happened to him as a child, but now the city is forcing him to recall his deepest-buried memories, and deciding where he goes in order to do that.

In Paradiso issue #4, Ram V and Devmalya Pramanik have completed the first arc of this post-apocalyptic tale. Like any good sci-fi epic, that means there’s an intense battle, a lot of death, and secrets buried in the slit throats of betrayers; there’s also a new mission, a desperation for safety, and a need to uncover forgotten moments to more efficiently fight present-day dangers.

This issue flies. Although it begins with one of Jack’s memories, it then dives right in where issue #3 left off, keeping up the breakneck pace of the story so far.

In #Paradiso issue 4, @therightram and @thewarblazer have completed the first arc of this post-apocalyptic tale. @imagecomics Click To Tweet

I enjoyed the dialogue in this issue a lot, and I also loved the groundwork laid for future plot points. Thus far, dramatic irony has played a major role in the progression of Paradiso, as well as mythology references and Easter eggs from Dante’s Inferno. None of that is lost as the story shifts into yet another journey, this one without a certain destination. (That is to say, the characters know what they need to find, but not necessarily where to find it.)

As core characters are given more page time, their voices grow stronger, which is obviously owed to Ram V’s understanding of how he wants these characters to progress as well as Pramanik’s understanding of how to render their expressions and movements so that they follow naturally from their words and thoughts.

Combined with Dearbhla Kelly’s stunning color work and Aditya Bidikar’s well-wrought lettering, Paradiso #4 is especially beautiful… and points toward future settings that will surely be breathtaking.

This creative team is obviously very in tune with each other, which is obvious from how cohesive each issue of Paradiso feels as a reader. Although some portions of the story may seem muddled initially, the intention behind that is obvious — and as things become clear, the pay-off is so, so good.

I find myself falling especially hard for the women in this universe, especially Karin — her love affair with #Paradiso is long, torrid, and unlike any other character's relationship with the city. Click To Tweet

I find myself falling especially hard for the women in this universe, especially Karin — her love affair with Paradiso is long, torrid, and unlike any other character’s relationship with the city. I am excited to see her play off of Noira as they navigate the city with Jack and Vance; I’m also excited to see how intimately she knows Paradiso, as well as what surprises the city has in store for her yet.

It’s clear that even as we learn more about Paradiso each issue, the city has many, many hidden depths still unknown to us. The villains lurking in its shadows, for example, have only had a minimal amount of page time so far… but they’ve done an incredible amount of damage. Seeing how our would-be heroes deal with the dangers of the city as they move forward will be really interesting.

I look forward to when Paradiso returns in May.

Paradiso Rating: ★★★★★

Paradiso issue #4 hits comic shops March 14. You can order back issues online through Image Comics, or pre-order the Vol. 1 TPB, out May 16. In Full Bleed received an advanced copy PDF of this issue from the author for review purposes.